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Apart from having more money, the greatest difference between the really Super Rich and the rest of us, is they do not eat the same food as us.

They do not live on TV dinners, or send their servants down to the supermarket to buy food. Their food comes from techno-organic farms, often on their own estates and when they dine out, they drive in their expensive cars to eat at the exclusive restaurants of celebrity chefs, who often grow their own food and source only local fresh organic produce. When they go on holiday, they sail in their luxury super yachts to highly secure hotels on islands that produce the same organic food in their own greenhouses, often pumped full of carbon dioxide to boost production.


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That's right, while the rest of us are constantly being told to worry about our “carbon footprint”, there are still big chemical companies producing thousands of tons of extra carbon dioxide just to pump into the greenhouses of the rich, to help produce their food.

Why don't they eat what the rest of us eat?

What they know and you don't, is that year on year, since the 1940s, the food that is available to the rest of us, contains less and less minerals and vitamins. This is because of overproduction using chemical fertilisers and poisons and the fact that this type of modern industrial agriculture is simply wearing out the land. Vegetables and fruits are grown and developed to look better on the shelves by the supermarkets just to sell more. But at the end of the day they are just becoming “containers” and what you get in them is doing you less and less good. Good-looking fruit and vegetables may sell better and make the supermarkets more money, but in effect they have just become better packaging. What about the taste? You must have noticed that. What is really important for people's health is the amount of nutrients and vitamins in them and it ain't much.

So what can you do about it and get your fair share of what the Super Rich are eating?

For a start you can stop buying crap food and putting more money in the pockets of the super rich, who own these supermarkets and industrial chemical farms. Start buying organic produce from your local farmers market or join a veg box delivery scheme. It might be a little bit more expensive but it is better to spend a little bit more on your health now, than a lot more in medical bills later. To save money, cook your own meals and buy your organic food ingredients in bulk. Buying in bulk saves on costs, especially packaging. Did you realise over a third of what you pay in a supermarket goes on the packaging that you take home and then have to get rid of? You can combine bulk organic ingredients to make your own snacks, trail or muesli mixes. It will save you money while giving you more control over what you eat.


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Next you can save money by using some easy methods to grow some nutrient and vitamin dense Super Fresh Foods by your kitchen door.

When you grow and eat these, you will be adding to your diet all those minerals and vitamins that you can no longer find in enough quantities, in commercial grown veg and fruit. Because not all of us have the time and money to grow all our own food, these easy methods of growing just enough extra crops filled with those nutrients and vitamins that will enable you to supplement and boost your new healthy diet. To help you, here are three reports that combine into an easy to do system, that you can use to grow your own super foods in containers, fresh just outside your kitchen door. Believe me, when I tell you that nothing tastes better than eating your own freshly picked food. Just imagine the ease of being able to quickly pop outside and gather fresh salads for your meal, rather than drive down to the local shops and buy days old produce sealed in gas filled plastic bags.

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Get Your Fair Share with these
"3 Easy To Follow Guides"

Growing your own food has never been so easy!

These easy methods are "Fusion Gardening", sourced and developed from traditional pre-industrial gardening and from indigenous people & cultures around the world then mixed with the latest Organic & Permaculture ideas. Unlike other gardening methods, this has been designed to allow you to grow more food in less time, for less money without backbreaking work, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

The first guide explains how, whys and what superfoods are the cheapest to grow for the maximum health benefits. It will teach you how to simply put together the right plants in containers, so they will help support, protect and feed each other.

The second guide will show you a simple method of turning all of your kitchen scraps into a cheap super rich natural feed that will boost the production of your food so you do not have to waste money buying fertiliser down the garden centre or fiddling with compost piles.

Lastly, the third report will show you an easy way to get plants to water themselves as they need it, and even use less water. Saving you those hours of time each week that other gardeners spent standing around watering the plants.

By updating traditional gardening techniques to a way that is easy to apply, here is a system that will allow you to grow the most productive and nutritious fruit and vegetables.





"Finally, real organic gardening, the way nature intended. No Digging, No Chemicals, Less watering, less work, No poisons, No GM "
John Donavon, London

"A cheap & sustainable method of growing healthy & abundant crops"
John Wilkes

"I started off doing tons of researching and downloading lots of information from the web, only to find a lot of it conflicting. It all got a bit complicated, then I found your system. Thank you"
Catherine Turner,
Working Mother




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